Turkey leftovers – remaining thankful

It’s December already and another Thanksgiving has come and gone. And as I think of Thanksgiving, again, I’m reminded of all the reasons I have to be thankful. The beauty of Thanksgiving is in its pure and simple meaning: Giving thanks. I love the opportunity to spend time with family and focus on all the blessings around me. Unfortunately consumerism has highjacked the peace we establish on Thursday just to twist the meaning of the season on Friday.

Isn’t ironic that the day after Thanksgiving people are encouraged to wake up early for the opportunity to shop for a bargain? Where is all that thanksgiving spirit anyway? As the busyness of life resumes, I’m reminded that thankfulness is a medicine for the soul. My friend Matt reminded me of that in his recent blog post.

As I look at my long list of to-do’s and get back to work, I will acknowledge my blessings as a form of worship as established in Psalm 69:30:

I will praise the name of God with a song;
I will magnify Him with Thanksgiving.

Some of my blessings might be big while others might be small; still, I will choose to be thankful. Like those turkey leftovers, I will consume thankfulness again.

In the first years of Thanksgiving it is said that the pilgrims kept five kernels of corn as a reminder of what they didn’t have before so they could appreciate their meal with the right attitude. In today’s Thanksgiving we have plenty of “leftovers” but we should also remember the challenges we’ve faced so we can have the right attitude. Here are my 5 kernels of corn:

Blessed with a beautiful, smart and God-filled wife. Courtney, you are my best friend and every day I’m reminded of the blessing it is to do life with you.

Blessed by healthy children that are both smart and funny. Caden, Blake and Ava, you all make my days brighter.

Blessed with an amazing family who welcomed me as their own son. Thank you Jim and Cheryl Holt for always making me feel like your son. You are truly my Dad and Mother.

Blessed with an amazing group of friends who become like family. To my Small Group and the folks at the Marketplace Matters Ministry, you have made me feel loved and cared for.

Blessed by a great God who loves me beyond compare. Thankful for Jesus and His sacrifice on my behalf. His blood washed me clean.

What are your kernels of corn?

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