Defined by a name: Christian

A few weeks ago I heard someone talking about the nicknames they were called growing up. They shared how these names carried meaning through their youth and into adulthood. They became like badges of identity and however good or bad they were they either lifted you up or tore you down. I experienced the same. I was called many nicknames through my youth. Whether it was positive or negative my reaction to a name became part of who I was and how people saw me. It wasn’t until high school that one name really shaped my understanding of who I was and defined my identity: Christian.

I know as some people read this there are some preconceived ideas that will come to your mind; some true and some not true. To be called a Christian can be simply described as a Christ-follower; to have faith in Jesus and recognize Him as my savior. To be a Christian is to follow a moral compass rooted in Jesus’ teachings and live life actively seeking His will. It also means I fall short and every day I am in need of redemption which Jesus provides with mercy and grace. Recognizing my own limitations in life allows me to love others around me more purely; looking for the best in everyone and encouraging them for the best life forward.

Being defined by one single name can be overwhelming but the truth is that being a Christian has a meaning. This name identifies my motives and my desires. It defines the way I approach every part of my life. As a husband, a father, a son, and a brother. As a friend and co-worker. It defines my demeanor at home and at work. It doesn’t mean I am perfect but it means I try to be the best version of myself using Jesus as my standard. That is why I blog with the purpose of encouraging people in their life journey by sharing about my marriage, my parenting, and my career. And I will continue to post with the desire to reach even if just one person and share my own experiences of growth.


Published by David Marques

My name is David (pronounced Daveed) and I'm a positive person by nature. Encouraged by a life of opportunities, I've been blessed to experience full richness through my family, friends and work. In a world that sees "what you do" for "who you are", I believe relationships are far more important. That is why I started a blog; to share my life-lessons and encourage others along their journey. Born in Portugal, I've moved to the United States with the love of my life, Courtney. We currently experience the beauty of the Carolinas with our three children, Caden, Blake and Ava. My blog is about taking action to my positive thoughts and display what God has blessed me with: a passion to communicate encouragement to others!

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